By choosing and ordering  a Christmas tree  from “EGĻU SERVISS”,  you are being insured of the highest quality of Christmas tree due to the special and careful selection made by our people, so that when you are buying online you won’t be disappointed of the tree when it arrives and you are completely satisfied with your purchase!

  • To make your Christmas tree order, we encourage you to fill the order form.
  • When your order form will be received, you will be contacted by company employee to confirm your order and to clarify any additional questions if there are so.

Christmas trees are being delivered, installed and dismantled on working days from 9.00 till 18.00. In special occasions it is possible to arrange different delivery times by contacting our manager (, +371 26533388)

  • If delivery address is shown inaccurate or the receiver is not there, the delivery of your Christmas tree can be delayed or cancelled.
  • Take notice, that the delivery time is approximate and can change due to the weather conditions, traffic intensity and other similar circumstances.
  • If you want to collect your order personally in our warehouse at Ulbrokas street 42a, Riga, please notify the customer service specialist before doing so.
  • If the Christmas tree has to be delivered higher than the 2nd floor, the fee for each additional delivery floor is EUR 3.00. No additional fee is needed if the tree can be delivered up by using the elevator.
  • Take notice that for the Christmas trees that are larger, they may not be possible to deliver higher than the first floor due to the unsuitable sizes of the stairway or the elevator.
  • You can make the payment in cash or with bank transfer. If you want to make the payment by transfer, you will be sent a bill which will have to be paid before the delivery and installation time you have been set. If you want to make the payment in cash, it has to be given to employees of “EGĻU SERVISS” in the time of delivery, moment before unloading the tree /installation.
  • For a sudden and not timely cancelled order, the Client has to pay the fine of 25% from the total order bill. With the term “sudden” and not “timely” it is understandable to be the time period that is shorter than one day before the set up date of delivery.
  • The size for the cut-down Christmas trees is being measured starting from the trunk sawing point till its top. For the Christmas trees in pots the size is being measured together with the pot.


Note! Our delivery rules have changed. We’ve developed delivery areas depending on how far it is from us. Please see new delivery areas and prices here:

Delivery area Orders up to 49.99€ Orders from 50.00€ to 99.99€ Orders from 100.00€

(Rīgā – Dreiliņi, Pļavnieki, Purvciems, Mežciems, Jugla, Berģi, Brekši, Teika, Čiekurkalns, Mežaparks, Sarkandaugava, Pētersala-Andrejsala, Skanste, Brasa, Grīziņkalns, Avoti, Centrs, Vecpilsēta, Maskavas forštate, Ķengarags, Rumbula, Šķirotava;

Stopiņu nov.)

€ 7,00 € 3.00

(Rīgā – Bukulti, Suži, Jaunciems, Mīlgrāvis, Vecmīlgrāvis, Trīsciems, Vecāķi, Vecdaugava, Mangaļsala, Kundziņsala, visa Pārdaugava;

Mārupe, Tīraine, Skulte,

Babīte, Mežāres, Spilve,

Baloži, Rāmava, Katlakalns,


Garkalnes nov.,

Ādažu nov.,

Ropažu nov. daļēji)

€ 12,00 € 7,00 € 3.00

(Piņķu nov.,

Mārupes nov.,

Ķekavas nov.,

Salaspils nov.,

Baložu nov.,

Ropažu nov. (daļēji),

Kalngale, Garciems)

€ 25,00 € 12,00 € 7,00


Carnikavas nov.,

Vangažu nov.,

Olaines nov.,

Ogres nov.,

Ikšķiles nov.)

€ 35,00 € 25,00 € 18,00
Other places and deliveries 50km and more 1.35€/km 1.35€/km 1.35€/km
Rīgas un Pierīgas reģions sadalīts egļu piegādes zonās A, B, C un D
Egļu piegādes zonas

Starting point for the transportation is Riga, Ulbrokas street 42a, Riga.

If you choose our service for the Christmas tree installation:

  • Tall Christmas trees (starting from ~3m) and trees that are being put outside due to the safety measures has to be strengthened by tying up, therefore, in a place where the Christmas tree is being put has to be a lawn, poles, trees, columns or other similar objects that is needed for tying up. If the tree cannot be strengthen up, “EGĻU SERVISS” do not take the responsibility for it’s movement in the wind or other unforeseen In this case, the responsibility goes to the client. The ties for the tree are not included in the price.
  • The given prices for the Christmas trees can vary due to the installation place, complicity and tools needed.
  • The “Installation” service does not include a tree stand. It can be ordered separately or you can provide your own stand.
  • If you choose our installation service but are using your own Christmas tree support stand, make sure if it is suitable for the size and breed of the tree. If the tree support stand won’t be suitable, the staff of “EGĻU SERVISS” will inform you and in this case “EGĻU SERVISS” is not taking any responsibility for the Christmas tree stability.
  • For Christmas trees that are 4m-6m tall, tree support stands are being made upon special order.

If you choose our service for Christmas tree dismantling:

  • “EGĻU SERVISS” ir providing you with full service, that being also the dismantle and removal of the Christmas tree by the end of the holidays.
  • If the dismantling date is before 20.01.2023, there is no extra charge for transport. For dismantling from 21.01.2023 onwards, additional transport costs will be charged according to the Delivery Prices.
  • In the price of Christmas tree dismantle and takeaway is not included the supplementary tools if those are needed (hoist, crane, ).These kind of supplementary tools are necessary in cases if the tall Christmas tree cannot be knocked down for sawing.
  • Please note, that transportation cost for dismantling service is the same as for delivery.
  • Christmas tree dismantling service includes the take down of the tree, sawing the tree if necessary, and collecting any of the fallen branches and other unneeded tree parts to transport them all to landfill at the end. Take notice, that some of the small tree parts may remain after the dismantling works.
For the trees up to 2m 12,00 €
For trees from 2.1m up to 3.0m 25.00 €
For trees from 3,1m up to 4,0m 45,00 €
For trees from 4,1m up to 6,0m 90.00 €
For trees from 6,1m up to 8,0m 150.00 €
For trees from 8,1m up to 10,0m 210,00 €

Rules for the optimal Christmas tree maintenance and placement:

  1. Do not put the Christmas tree in a spot where it is under the influence of the draught or too close to any heating equipment.
  2. Cut-down Christmas trees that are held indoors are strongly advised to be provided with water.
  3. Do not put your tree in a place where it will constantly be touched by people, otherwise this will promote the falling of the Christmas tree needles.
  4. Take notice that if the Christmas tree is put in a public space, it should not be placed in a spot where the customers can hitch or make it fall down by accident.
  5. When the Christmas tree is put up in an apartment or a house, make sure to strengthen the tree so that the children or pets can’t accidentally knock the Christmas tree down.