In the business of the most beautiful Christmas tree nursing and selling to customers we have been since 1992. To offer the highest quality Christmas trees, they are carefully being chosen from our nurseries in Latvia, and also being delivered from our partners in Denmark and Germany.

Kuplākās, skaistakās Nordmann eglītes egļu audzētavā

Our offer

We offer cut-down spruces- Latvian and Nordmann breed, and spruces in pots- Latvian, Nordmann and Blue spruce breeds. They are carefully selected in our nurseries every year to offer customers the most beautiful Christmas trees.

Although there are controversial views in society on whether to buy a Christmas tree is environmentally friendly, we want to emphasize that the purchase of a Christmas tree grown directly in the nursery is the most environmentally friendly solution or at least one of them. Our spruces, like flowers, are grown for their intended purpose. In addition, unlike a spruce from forest, there is no empty space left behind the tree in nursery. A new Christmas tree is planted next spring instead of each felled tree.

Ziemassvētku egļu audzētava ar pavisam mazām un ļoti lielām Nordmann eglēm

We provide a full service – delivery, installation and dismantling of Christmas trees, so that you do not have to worry about anything. You have to do only the most beautiful part of the process – Christmas tree decoration.

An annual tradition is a special offer for schools and kindergartens – educational institutions have the opportunity to buy Christmas trees with a 20% discount.

In addition to spruces we also offer plastic spruce support foots that can be filled with water, and on a special client demand make a custom made metal support foots for bigger spruces.

From the end of November, every year we offer to buy spruce branches – from Nobilis, Nordmann and Latvian spruces – for the making of various Christmas decorations or Advent wreaths.

We also offer ready-made Advent wreaths made of extremely durable Nobilis spruce branches. The wreaths are handmade – with straw base and spruce branches all around it. The wreaths are without decorations, so everyone can decorate them with ornaments to suit their taste.

Uz zemes šķeldā izvietots lielais Adventes vainags no Nobilis egles zariem

Where and how to purchase “Eglu serviss” Christmas trees?

Our beautiful Christmas trees can be ordered online by filling the order form, or by choosing it yourself at one of our spruce selling points.

In our Spruce selling points you will find spruces up to 4m. Taller trees, that are up to 15m can be ordered online.

Have a merry Christmas!